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2017 KTAA Exhibition Special Mention


Shaikha Altaf Salem Al Sabah,Patrons address


The 2017 KTAA Annual Exhibition not only featured the judged show of recent works of members of Kuwait Textile Arts Association,Sadu weavers and display pieces from ‘Weaving Stories‘  but also  featured display ‘Walls of Appreciation’ and ‘Wall of Recognition’

The display ‘Walls Of Appreciation’ and “Wall of Recognition” are an addition to the Annual Exhibition for the first time with the suggestion of few valuable long standing members of KTAA which was highly appreciated and approved  by the  KTAA patron Shaikha Altaf Salem Al Sabah and  KTAA president Donna Shaya.

The ‘Walls of Appreciation’ were a tribute to the long standing members of the group for their whole hearted contribution and being role models to the group with their artistic talents as well as voluntary contribution  over the years.

The “Wall of Recognition” features the outstanding achievement from the  members of the group in the current  year.

Wall of Recognition

IMG_3911Hayfa Al Mughni

This year yet another name is added to that list of KTAA Master quilters who have exhibited in prestigious international quilt shows, This name is of our own member Hayfa Al Mughni. Hayfa Al Mughni’s quilt “My father’ displayed here in KTAA 2016 was selected and exhibited in the original design category in the 16th Tokyo Quilt Festival 2017, Cloth Needle and Yarn Festival.

Hayfa Al Mughni deserves our applause as she is also the first Kuwaiti textile artist from Kuwait to be selected to exhibit in Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival.

Hayfa Al Mughni Joined KTAA quilt group several years ago as a novice to the art but grew steadily as an accomplished quilter, winning several prizes in our annual exhibitions including best of show, judges choice highly commended and many more first and seconds. Her quilts were always unique with respect to the theme as well as her choice of colors and workmanship.

Congratulations Hayfa

Walls of Appreciation


Leann Abdulrahim

Leann Abdulrahim joined KTAA in early 1995. Since then she has served as the committee member in different capacities. The quilt group came into existence in 1999 under the leadership of Jane Ellis McNaboe and we had an exhibition to showcase members’ quilts.

Leann took over as the very first large scale exhibition coordinator in the year 2000 and put her heart and soul into it, organizing flawless exhibitions, from taking care of international judges to climbing up the ladders to hang the quilts.

The largely international group with enthusiastic quilters and an exhibition the size of 150+ quilts was a challenge handled for years by LeAnn beautifully. As an ardent quilter winning many prizes and more than that a very giving person she took every new comer to the group under her wings by holding Sunday quilt classes at her diwaniya, by picking them and dropping them in their houses and by helping them fabric shopping. Her house and heart were, and still are, open to everyone who is part of KTAA.

Thank You Leann

IMG_4233Dorine Abdulelah

Dorine Abdulelah joined KTAA in 2002 and has been a great inspiration to young quilters. She received many ribbons for her needlework and quilts.

Dorine has been a role model to the group with her gentle ways and ever willingness to share her knowledge with other members.   In the late 1960s she started cross-stitching and moved into needlepoint and creating her own designs.

In the 1990s she discovered Kufi Arabic designs in the Boston Library and fell in love with them. She not only collected them but has stitched and quilted them herself. Her quilts are  based on her own designs,

Well Done Dorine


Mariam Mousa

Mariam Mousa joined KTAA and quilt group several years ago and her quilts won every ones heart as well as judges as she was a constant winner in every judged show in Kuwait.

Mariam Mousa is a name connected to art quilting with Arabic life as themes. She choses paintings and turns them into textile arts which depicts the day today life of the Arab society.

Mariam’s quilts were unique as she follows very simple technique to produce beautiful pieces. Mariyam is a valuable member of the group inspiring other members

Well Done Mariam


Few of the longstanding members of KTAA with the Patron Shaikha Altaf Salem Al Sabah


KTAA President Donna Shaya with exhibition coordinator Hanan Al Kazemi


Designed by Dorine Abudulelah


Quilts by Mariam Mousa


Quilts By Leann Abdulrahim


Weaving stories display

Shyamala Rao


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