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2017 KTAA Annual Exhibition Winners

2017 KTAA Exhibition Winners

Traditional Bedouin Weaving
Master 6 entries
Winner Laila Yaser
Second Laila Yaser
Third Moody Aldefeery
Highly Commanded Mutarira Musallem

Student 22 entries
Winner Maha Abdulla Al Turki
Second Ashwaq Hussin
Third Maha Abdulla Al Turki
Highly Commanded Hayat Wssa Albloshi

Fibre Arts
Wearable Crochet 7 entries
Winner Maddie Elissawi – Shawl
Second Nawal Albaker – Jacket
Third Ranju Gandi – Modern Jacket
Highly Commended

Crochet table cloth or mat 7 entries
Winner Laila Alsolaiman – Ghadeer
Second Nawal Albaker – Table Cover
Third Lynette Dsouza – Rose Mesh Round table cloth
Highly Commended Kanwal Zarien – Beauty in nature

Afgahan 14 entries
Winner Maha Alajeel – Nouf
Second Yan Liu – Persian-Impression
Third Kare Osman – Baby blanket
Highly Commanded Maddie Elessawi – Baby blanket

Challenge (Embroidry) 4 entries
Winner Suzanne Mannolini – Afternoon shadow at yasaka shrine
Second Ranju Gandhi – Rose
Third Marlyn Kamal – Embroidery cushion


Traditionally Pieced 4 entries
Winner Janet Vigeant – Simly Sixteen
Second Hanan AlKazemi – 3D Blocks
Third Laila Alsolaiman – Pinweel Arrow

Art Quilt 5 entries
Winner Yan Liu – Matrix
Second Nawal Al Hazzani – Worry
Third Manjeet Kaur – Desert Sunset

Appliquéd 7 entries
Winner Yan Liu – Gold Lady
Second Laila Alsolaiman – Dresden
Third Nawal Al hazzani – Feather

Beginner 2 entries

Winner Afifa Behbehani – Card Tricks

Second Liliana Casas – Dads Princess

Challenge (Mix techniques) 4 entries
Winner Anette Born Rasmussen – No Border
Second Yan Liu – Hearts
Third Nawal Albaker – Spring
Highly commanded Amal Sadek

Judges Choice – Sheikha Altaf Nawal Al baker – Many colors

Judge Choice – Janine Ibbine Layla Yaser Wall Hanging

Best of Show Yan Liu – Matrix

Hanan Al Kazemi

Exhibition Coordinator


Best of Show

Photo Credits: Madalina El Issavi

Shyamala Rao

Web Network Coordinator


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