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Another feather in the cap of KTAA Quilters.

Another feather in the cap of KTAA Quilters  .

Hayfa Al Mughni’s quilt “My Father” was selected and  exhibited  in the Original Design Category  in  the 16th Tokyo International Quilt Festival  2017-Cloth Needle and Yarn Festival .The Festival is the largest quilt show in the world spanning seven days with an average of 250,000 visitors per year.


The KTAA quilt group, consisting of ladies from  different nationalities and since its existence in the year of 1999 has seen many a proud moments in the form of it’s members exhibiting and winning prizes in prestigious quilt shows world wide.

The KTAA quilt group members have not only exhibited quilts in Kuwait for the last 17 years but a good number among them also exhibited, chosen and even won prizes in prestigious international quilt shows like the Festival Of Quilts Birmingham England, International Quilt Festival Houston and International Quilt Show Dubai.

This year another name is added to that list of prestigious international quilt shows that the Kuwait quilters have exhibited,  by our own member Hayfa Al Mughni. Hayfa Al Mughni deserves our applause as she is the first Kuwaiti textile artist from Kuwait to exhibit and win a prize in an international show. She is also the first one to exhibit from KTAA in Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. Congratulations Hayfa.

Hayfa Al Mughni Joined KTAA quilt group several years ago as a novice to the art , but grew steadily as an accomplished quilter, winning several prizes in our annual exhibitions including best of show, judges choice , highly commended and many more first and seconds.Her quilts were always unique with the theme as well as her choice of colors and workmanship.

My Father

By Hayfa Al Mughni


Artists statement:I wanted to make a quilt for my deceased father.There are 1057 pieces in this quilt and  all the pieces are chosen from Dishdasha,fabric  a long cloth used by Kuwaiti men.The picture was taken in  India when I was in my twenties and my father shown  wearing a western suit and tie. I used to think he was always adventures and I have inherited it from him.

Size-87×66 Inches

Date:Jan 2016



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