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“George Clooney Has Back Pain.. Too”

Kuwait Textile Arts Association

Under the auspices of Al Sadu Society


“George Clooney Has Back Pain.. Too”

A lecture demo by Dr.Ali AlAttar , On Tuesday January 24 2016 , 10-00 Am @ Bait Alsadu.

As Dr. Ali Al Attar says, Everything starts in the brain, your pain as well as your health. Aging.. is a big myth.. age is only a number.. aging is a perception. Your emotion, thoughts, beliefs and sprit will control your muscles, bones and joints, so carefully select what you store in your mind.



Ali AlAttar

Physical therapist ,Pain speciality

Manual therapist BSc in Physiotherapy 2006, Kuwait University MSc in musckeloskeletal physiotherapy 2012, Sheffield Hallam University-UK PhD in pain psychology 2016, university of Birmingham- UK Social media activist since 2010

While working on your textile projects you may realize that you may have something common with movie star George Clooney .

Come and learn some techniques to ease those discomforts and get some tips on healthy life style.


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