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2017 KTAA Exhibition Rules and Regulations

2017 KTAA Exhibition

Rules and Regulations

Submitting your entry form:

Entry forms must be submitted no later than

Sunday, March 18, 2017.


one form will be needed for each of your entries.

Submitting your work:

Your Work must be Submitted no later than 11 am on Wednesday, March 29th 2017

General Information:

1.All participants in the exhibition should be members of KTAA with membership registration before December 31, 2016. Moreover, members should be active: meaning attending some of the monthly meeting, or sharing your knowledge with the group. Participation as defined by your group.

2.Along with every entry form, a member must complete the Label that will hang beside her entry. Kindly fill the entry form that we will be sent it via email, and use the “comic sans” font to fit to half page. Will send the form later.

3.All submissions must have an identifying label with name of maker and title of work. Securely attached to the back of the entry. Print off the registration receipt or hand print a label with the registration number on it, and stitch it over your name. any item without label will be rejected.

4.Bring each entry in a separate bag clearly labeled with your name, the entry number, the category and the title of the entry it contains.

5.Works must not have been previously display in a KTAA exhibition, should be recently completed (within the last year) and not have won prize at any other show.

6.Work submitted must be in a finished state, ready for hanging

7.The hanging committee will determine the method of hanging and location of the entries. The Committee also reserves the right to reject any item from the exhibition if hanging is not possible, too problematic or it is in an unfinished state.

8.The committee has the right to move entries if they are in the wrong category, we will notify the artist of the move.

9.All quilts including bed quilts, must have a hanging sleeve on the back which is at least 4 inches deep and about 2 inches narrower than the width of the quilt, through which a piece of doweling or bamboo will fit. For bed size quilts put two sleeves on the top with 4’’ gap between. For larger quilt if you put a hanging sleeve from the bottom as well as dowel can be put in there too to ensure the quilt hangs straight.

10.If you wish to offer an entry for sale, please indicate your asking price on the entry form. By offering your entry for sale giving permission to publish your phone number. All transactions will be between yourself and the potential customer. If your entry is for sale, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with permission to sell an item if you have used a commercial pattern.

11.No Machine use in fiber Art.

12.All fiber Art Entry must be done by hand.

13.Projects submitted should be original work, not done with assistance. 14.

14.Each Participant will be allowed one entry per category in fiber art and quilt.

Completing the entry form on your computer – 5 easy steps:

1.Download the entry form to your computer and save it with your name in the title. 2.Complete one separate form for each entry and save it on your computer labeled with your name and entry number as file name.

3.Compose an e-mail to exhibitionentries@gmail.com no later than March 18 2017. Please submit as early as possible so the committee have time for the preparations.

4.Attach your entry form or forms to message and send it

5.You will receive a confirmation email with your registration number on it

Collection of Entries

You may pick up your entries on April 5, 2017 Between 9-11 am at the exhibition hall, please indicate on your entry if someone else is collecting your entries.


By sending an entry form to KTAA I agree to honor the rules of the show and to accept the decisions of the judges as final. I understand that KTAA will take every precaution to safeguard the entries during the exhibition, and that they will not be held liable for damage or loss. I agree to allow photography of my entry. I agree to permit the image to be used for publications for and about the show. I understand that credit will be given where possible, but that there will be no compensation paid for such use.

Name/ Signature

Thank you for participating in the 2017 KTAA Exhibition


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