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President’s Message 2016 -2017

Kuwait Textile Arts Association

President’s Message

October- 19-2016

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Donna Shaya

Welcome to the Kuwait Textile Arts Association!!

The 2016-17 year had a delayed yet a positive beginning this year. The membership meeting on October 5 was well attended by all members currently in Kuwait.

A lively discussion took place concerning the direction our organization would take in the coming year. It is recognized that in the coming years some rearranging of the calendar of events will have to take place because of the earlier arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan and the subsequent holidays, vacations etc.

As promised the Executive Committee met and after a lengthy discussion or all the different variables the following decisions were made.

The Annual Exhibition will take place this year between March 29 thru April 4 2017 at the Dthahiya Abdulla Salem Exhibition Hall. Hanan AlKazaemi, Exhibition Coordinator secured the venue from Majlis alWatani. (This was the last available place) As this is only 6 months away, it was decided that the categories for entries would be limited as well as the number of entries. It was felt this would give participants (new and old) adequate time to prepare their pieces for entry.

The Categories and Rules of the Exhibition will be posted on the KTAA Official website. The Exhibition Coordinator will be working closely with the Executive Board. In the unlikely event should a conflict arise concerning submission, inclusion/exclusion of entries, these will be decided by the KTAA President in collaboration with the Executive Committee. However, with adequate orientation concerning the minimum quality expected and the submission categories there should not be any issues.

The Quilt Group will devote several sessions to address the needs of new and seasoned artists. There are many quilters that are new to the art. It is anticipated that these sessions will offer mentor/mentee opportunities.

The Raffle Quilt is still available for Raffle. We will continue to offer the chance for all to purchase tickets. 1 KD each. See Salma for tickets. Tickets will be available during the Bazzar. -The Quilt Group Coordinator, Salma Khalid, is planning on joining her husband in late spring. She will be working with her group to develop her replacement.

The Fibre Arts Group will continue to devote their sessions to sharing everyone’s work and introducing new techniques. Ranju Gandhi will have the help of Maddi Elissawi with her group activities.

The KTAA Biannual Bazaar will take place on Saturday November 12, 2016. Jumoo Coffee shop will provide coffee and snacks. General Information and Application forms are available from the KTAA Blog. Michele Albanoori will be working with the assistance of Elaine Haider.

The Spring Bazaar date will be set in the coming weeks. Every participant will be afforded one table. More than one table will be given per the direction of the Bazaar Coordinator who will ensure all is fair and equitable.

The KTAA will continue with its close relationship with Beit Sadu. There are several program offerings throughout the year that Beit Sadu invites the membership to. This will continue. (see below the current Beit Sadu upcoming programs) -Clear Communication is the hallmark that makes the organization thrive. Towards that end we are launching the use of WhatsApp Group

KTAA Membership 2016-17. Please accept when you are invited. It is anticipated this will help us to communicate quickly as events arise. -Currently the Whats app Groups are coordinated by their respective originators. Quilt Group, Salma Khalid, Fibre Arts, Ranju Gandhi and Membership, Donna Shaya The membership year will be from October to October. Please do not hesitate to contact any board member who will be happy to help you with all your textile art questions, where to find resources in Kuwait and be a part of the lively diverse fabric of Kuwait

Best Wishes for a Successful Year

Donna Shaya, President, Kuwait Textile Arts Association

Board Members Donna Shaya (66753002) President.

Hanan AlKazami (99855875), Exhibition Coordinator.

Salma Khalid (98863209), Quilt Coordinator.

Ranju Gandhi(66034452), Fibre Arts Coordinator,

Maddie El Essawi,(50030870) Photographer.

Aiesha Khalid,(99597983) Beit Sadu Liaison.

Shyamala Rao, (66225982) Webmaster.

Michele AlBanoori,(99820552) Bazaar Coordinator.


(2016) October 22, 23 and 24, 10am-1:30 PM Egyptian Tentmakers Workshop, Hany Mahmood, Sponsered by the Arab Republic of Egypt, KTAA members First come first serve participation. Event fully booked with waiting list (Beit Sadu) October 23rd  6:30PM launch of Exhibition of the Tentmakers Street in Cairo Exhibition, (Beit Sadu) followed by October 23rd, 7:00PM talk on the Art of the Egyptian Applique Work: Alkheyameya, by Dr. Heba Barakat

October 26-28 Hidden Stitch Exhibition, A private exhibition featuring a selection of hand made pieces by Lebanese fashion house “Sarah’s Bag amd surface fabricators Bokja Studio, (Beit Sadu)

November 7-13 Weaving Stories Exhibition (Shaheed Park, Multipurpose Hall) (9am-1PM and 4pm-9PM) A collaborative contemporary approach to Sadu weaving and the intricate history and stories it holds. This exhibition focuses around a large scale collective cloth sculpture inspired by the Bedouin tent divider. Over 30 independent textile artists and makers from different countries developed unique works that were combined together into a contemporary installation reflective of the “tent divider.” It forms a picture of the many facets of contemporary Kuwaiti culture. Several KTAA members actively participated and submitted their work for the project.

The effort was envisaged and conceived by Sheikha Altaf AlSabah, Patron of AlSadu society and coordinated by Shelby Al Laho, independent crochet artist. Consultants Lesli Roberts, Textile Artist, University of North Texas and US Based art educator and researcher Amanda Batson added their expertise to the project.

November 12, 10 am-6PM KTAA Bazaar (Beit Sadu) with Khayt Gtoup, Quilts, Rugs Sadu items, Scarves, Silks, Jewelry Bags, shawls, Crochet, Frankincense and Myrrh, Arabian and Eastern gifts, Handicrafts, Refreshments and lots more, 2016 Raffle Quilt : Wish Upon a Butterfly. Tickets for sale, 1 KD


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