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2016 KTAA Annual Exhibition Winners

KTAA 17th Annual Exhibtion Winners List and coverage by Arab Times


Lecture by Michelle Gilder visiting judge.

KTAA Annual Exhibition Winners


Best of Show  Yan Liu-  Infinity


 Judges Choice by Sheikha Altaf

Hayfa Al Mughni – My father’s portrait


Judges Choice by Michelle Gilder

Usha Sudhir – Woman flocking with the bird

Winners List

Traditional Bedouin Weaving

Master 9 entries

Winner Muterah – Mezwedeh

Second Laila Yaser – Fijah

Third Laila Yaser – Fijah

Highly commanded Laila Yaser – Shajarah bag

Student 4 entries

Winner Manal Al Maimouni – Sadu

Second Nawal Al Baker – Sadu

Third Manal Al Maimouni – Sadu

Highly Commanded

Nadia Al Jarrah – Home decoration

Fibre Arts

 Wearable Crochet 9 entries

Winner Suad Murad – Rainbow crochet

Second Laila Al Solaiman – Ghdeer

Third Hanan Al Kazemi – Fluffy Jacket

Highly Commended Sheika Al Eleiwa


Crochet table cloth or mate 4 entries

Winner Lynette Dsouza – The flying birds

Second Ranju Gandhi – Pineapple Delight

Third Nawal Al Baker – The illuminated


Afgahan 9 entries

Winner Aiesha Khalid – Salma garden Sampler

Second Nawal Al baker – Bed throw

Third Najlaa Zeitoun – Rainbow

Highly Commended Valerie Al Ghanim


Knitting 4 entries

Winner Salma Khaled – Falling leaves

Second Najlaa Zeitoun – Angel

Third Aiesha Khaled – Jazeera

Highly Commanded Salma Khaled – Salilors Cowl

Counted stitch 4 entries

Winner Amal Sadek – Bouquet

Second Najlaa Zaitoun – The hunting Journey

Third Aiesha Khaled – Wudhu


Toys 6 entries

Winner Teresa Al Alban – The Three Friend

Second Ranju Gandhi – Guardian The Dragon

Third Suad Murad – Arabian Camel

Highly Commanded Suhaila Al Ateiyah – Karjeyah


Accessories 4 entries

Winner Laila Al Solaiman – Kuwait Flag

Second Nawal Al Baker – Female accessories

Third Laila Al Solaiman – Maryam


Other Techniques 7 entries

Winner Ranju Gandhi – Laburnum Arches

Second Hanan Al Kazemi – The Adoration Vest

Third Hayfa Al Mughni – My Mother Portrait

Challenge (Baby Blanket) 11 entries

Winner Sheika Al Elewa – Sprinkled with Love

Second Laila Alsolaiman – Retj

Third Najlaa Zeitoun – Blue Shells

Highly commanded Bedria Al Asfoor – Simple and easy

Highly commanded Lynette Dsouza – Baby blanket

Highly commanded Ranju Gandhi – Astar is born

Highly commanded valerie Alghanim

Traditionally Pieced 11 entries

Winner Hayfa Al Mughni – Stained Glass

Second Nora Ali – Room with a view

Third Nawal Al Baker – Natural scene from the window

Highly Commended Laila Al Solaiman – Chess

Highly Commended Laila Al Solaiman – Attic windows

Highly Commended Salma Khalid – Who


Modern Quilt 9 entries


Hayfa Al Mughni – My Father Portrait

Second Nawal Al Baker – Game of Jewwls

Third yan Liu – Birch

Highly Commended Nora Ali – Psychedelic Love

Highly Commended Janet Vigeant – Chained Reaction

Art Quilt 9 entries

Winner Usha Sudhir – Woman Flocking with the birds

Second Mariam Ali Mousa – Satisfaction

Third Usha Sudhir – in The mid of mother Nature

Highly Commended Yan Liu – Dancing Orchid

Highly Commended Nawal Al Hazzani – Landscape House


Machine Embroidery 4 entries

Winner Aiesha Khalid – Come Color Me

SecondTeresa Al Alban – Alias Stain Glass Window

Third Salma Khalid – My Collection of Chinese Vases


Paper Piecing 4 entries

Winner Nora Ali- Mystical garden

Second Janet Vigeant – Lintleah Fairy

Quilt Godmother

Third Salma Khalid – ice berg

Highly commanded Hanan Al Kazemi – Joy of Sewing


Two Person Category 3 entries

winner Hanan Al Kazemi & Mala – Shine

Star in the Sky

Second Aiesha Khalid & Salma Khalid-From Dawn to Dusk

Third Afsheen Khan & Annie Saleem-Argye Bergello

Hand Quilted 2 entries

Winner Ranju Gandhi – Floral Fantasy

Second Anette Borm Rasmussen – My Girly Quilt

Appliqued 7 entries


Jannet Vigeant – He Shoots He Scores

Second Anette Borm Rasmussen – Poisatta

Third Nawal Al Hazzani – Flower in pot

Highly Commended Ranju Gandhi – Monstera

Beginner 3 entries

Winner Badria Al Asfoor – Modern Windows

Second Najlaa Zeitoun – photo Album

Third Laila Al Salaiman – Stacks Quilt

Bag & Tote 6 entries

Winner Nora Ali – Tinker Tote

Second Janet Vigeant – Aussie Ruffles

Third Ranju Gandhi – Picnic Time

Challenge (Log Cabin) 13 enties

Winner Yan Liu – Infinity

Second Salma Khalid – Disappearing Waves

Third Afsheen – Timberline Challenge

Highly Commended Hayfa Al Mughni – Scintlla

Highly Commended Nadia Al Jarrah – Asian Look

Highly Commended Laila Al Solaiman – Log Cabin

Judges Choice

Sheikha Altaf Hayfa Al Mughni – My father’s portrait

Michelle Gilder Usha Sudhir – Woman flocking with the bird

Best of Show Yan Liu – Infinity


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