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Indian Extravaganza



 April 19th at Beit Al Sadu

Indian Extravaganza


The Cloth That Unites India


Sari is the traditional female garment in the Indian subcontinent with roots that go back thousands of years.

A versatile piece of clothing, the sari has mystified many with its varied texture, colours, design, size and draping style. What is fascinating is despite its long journey, and the various changes in form, texture and style of draping, the sari continues to enjoy popular support and is the ‘most worn’ garment in the subcontinent.

With India as its centre, this length of cloth has wound its folds around Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka, proving the durability of a culture that goes back to a time when history was unrecorded. In her presentation,

Chaitali B Roy will focus on the history of this garment, the different forms it takes in different states of India, and its versatility which has seen it survive thousands of years.

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Chaitali Banerjee Roy

Chaitali Banerjee Roy has been in print media and radio broadcasting in Kuwait and India for twenty years.She is also the author of an upcoming book titled “Women of Kuwait: Turning Tides’ from Har Anand Publication, a leading publishing house in India. To be launched in India and Kuwait simultaneously, this book features 16 exceptional Kuwaiti women such as Sara Akbar, HE Nabila Al Mulla, Dr Masouma Mubarak,Sheikha Altaf Al Sabah, Dr Moudi Humoud and others. The first book of its kind on Kuwaiti women, it attempts to break stereotypes about Arab women in general.

Chaitali began her career with HMV, a leading entertainment company where she specialized in radio production, and also worked as a voice artist. Since 2001, Chaitali is professionally associated with Kuwaiti media both as Special Correspondent to Arab Times and as Producer/ Editor in the state-owned Radio Kuwait Foreign Service.  Passionate about advocating multiculturalism, she has tried to find connections between cultures by actively promoting, facilitating, organizing and anchoring several cultural events on well-known platforms in Kuwait. Chaitali is a Fellow of East –West Center and represented Kuwait at a Senior Journalist Seminar (2015) organized by EWC, an internationally recognized organization set up by the US Congress to foster better understanding between the United States, and countries with major Muslim population.







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