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KTAA Bazaar with Khayt Group 2015

KTAA Bazaar with  Khayt Group  Nov 2015

It was a beautiful  Saturday  winter morning. The venue was the historic Beit Al Sadu. The event was organized by the  Kuwait Textile Arts Association  and the vendors belonged to KTAA and Khayt Group. All these good things culminated in one event, that was  the KTAA Bazaar with Khayt Group. KTAA under the patronage of Beit Al Sadu is a non profit organization. The Bazaar is a biannual event and  the items sold  are treasures loved by young and old alike.   


Thirty vendors catered to 300+ visitors needs.  The KTAA volunteers under the leadership of president Donna Shaya were there to see that the event went off smoothly leaving the visitors and vendors both happy at the end.


Every visitor to the bazaar was welcomed with a free raffle coupon to win a door prize, from the treasure table gifted by the 30 vendors .Dona Shaya the president was ably assisted by  visiting little kids  in picking up the names of the winners.  Aliya, all of seven years of age  was tirelessly   announcing the winner names.She was a bundle of joy and a welcome volunteer of the generation next of KTAA.


The Welcome table  was managed by Donna and Shyamala.KTAA  treasure  table with the raffle quilts and other items were managed by the quilt  group leader Salma and the master quilter Aiesha. New members were signed in by the able membership assistant Amal and Hanan the exhibition coordinator was busy  seeing to  details  that  the whole event ran without a hitch. The memories were captured in frames by our photographer Maddie.


Michele as   the bazaar coordinator had  done a fantastic job of organizing the event as well as catering to all the needs of the vendors.The Khyat Group under the leader ship of Nawal Al Baker joined in as the co-hosts of the event and brought   a welcome change to the bazaar. The 30 Vendors were  with their treasures catered to every visitors needs  with professional touch and a smile on their lips.


It was one more successful event added to the pages of KTAA.

Shyamala Rao

KTAA Web/Network Coordinator.


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