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Peruvian textile crafts Exposition

The opening of the Peruvian Exhibition at the Beit  Al Sadu
 was a lovely affair that kicked off the beginning of a three day event.
The first Peruvian textile crafts Exposition, held onNovember 16-19 at Sadu House in collaboration with the Peruvian Embassy   focuses on Peru’s rich weaving traditions and textile arts, presented through an exhibition opening on the 16th under the patronage of the Minister of Information Sheikh Salman Sabah Al Salem Al Homod AlSabah.
It was followed by a  lecture by Professor Lucero Rodriguez, on Tuesday the 17th, held within the KTAA monthly talks.
This lecture discussed the origins of Peruvian textiles with a comparative study on Kuwait’s traditional Sadu weaving, 
Entitled The Origins and Comparative Study of Peruvian With Traditional Textiles of Kuwait.
In addition there will be a sale of  a selection of Peruvian Alpaca shawls and scarves, and Peruvian Jewelry. The prices are quite modest and quite lovely pieces.
Refreshments are provided by the Peruvian Embassy.

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