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KTAA Calendar Of Events 2015-2016

Kuwait Textile Arts Association

Under the auspices of Beit Al Sadu

General Meetings begin at 6:30pm at Beit Sadu and last about 1-1 ½ hr.

The Fall and Spring Bazaar are held biannually. They are an all day event held at Beit Sadu. Members participate with their displays. It is open to the general public.

The KTAA Exhibition is a display of Quilts, Fibre Arts and Sadu Weaving. They are judged by renowned experts in their fields. The items are displayed for the general public for 3 days. During this time workshops are offered by an international judge in their area of expertise.

The Quilt Groups and Fibre Art groups meet bi-weekly to share and teach their groups old and new techniques related to their groups.

In the recently held first general body meeting for the year 2015-2016, president Donna Shaya’s address highlighted the Mission,vision and values of KTAA.
The Kuwait Textile and Arts Association (KTAA) offers an environment for all to appreciate and celebrate the tradition of textile and fiber arts in Kuwait. KTAA seeks to bring together a diverse range of supporters of these arts.
Promoting the diversity of textiles and fiber arts through a series of traditional and innovative programs and events.Dates for Kuwait Textile Arts Association Membership:

KTAA Calendar of events 2015-2016

Important dates for KTAA

September 15, 2015 General Meeting

October 20, 2015 General Meeting

November 17, 2015 (tentative)General Meeting

November 21, 2015 KTAA Fall Bazaar

December 15, 2015 General Meeting

January 12, 2016 General Meeting

February 9, 2016 General Meeting

March 22, 2016 General Meeting

March 12, 2015 KTAA Spring Bazaar

April 19, 2016 General Meeting

May 18-26 KTAA Exhibition (Dthahiya)

To Schedule: Annual Luncheon

Yarn and Fibre Group  Important Dates

October 7, 21- 2015

November 4,18,-2015

December 3,16-2015

January 6,20 -2016

February 3,17 -2016

March 2 16,- 2016

April 6,20- 2016

May 4,, -2016

Meets 9-30am @beit Al Sadu


Quilt Group  Important Dates

October 28, 2015

November 11, 25, -2015

December 9, 23, -2015

January 13,27 -2016

February 10,24- 2016

March 9,23,-2016

April 13,27 -2016

May 11, -2016

Meets 9-30am @ Beit Al Sadu


The 2015-2016 KTAA Executive Board is:

President – Donna Al Shaya

Treasurer – Avril Bailey

Quilt Group Coordinator – Salma Khalid

Yarn &Fibre Groups Coordinator- Ranju Gandhi

Exhibition Coordinator`Hanan Al Kazemi,

Web networks Coordinator – Shyamala Rao

Beit Al Sadu Liaison – Aiesha Khalid and Patricia Redding

Photographer – Maddie El Issawi

Bazaar Coordinator Michelle Banoori

Librarian – Hayfa Al Mughni



Fb-ktaa ktaa

Images from the first  general body meeting




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