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Welcome KTAA Year 2015 -2016

The Kuwait Textile Arts Association

Under the Auspices of  Beit Al Sadu

Cordially invites you for a  meeting on 

6:30 pm Tuesday, 15th of September 2015

@Beit Al Sadu

next to the National Museum, Kuwait City

Doors Open at 6:00 pm

Presidents message.

On  behalf of the KTAA Board and Membership, Welcome to the 2015-16  year with the Kuwait Textile Arts Association.

While many members may still be out of the country or about to travel there are many members that remain in Kuwait. 

We would like to invite our current members, and potential members to a mixer at Beit Sadu to share your textile experiences over the summer, renew or become a new member and give us an opportunity for all to share with each other.  The board met over the summer months and developed the Organization, Mission, Vision and Values. We would like to present these to the membership and request your input.

In addition, we would like to share our calendar of meetings for the coming year.

We invite you to provide your input and expertise to help make our organization all that it can be.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

 Please RSVP at +965 66753002 SMS or WhatsApp

 Looking forward to seeing you there,

 Donna Shaya

President, Kuwait Textile Arts Association

The  new 2015-2016 KTAA Executive Board is:

     President –  Donna Al Shaya

     Treasurer  –  Avril Bailey

     Membership Secretary -Vacant 

     Quilt Group Coordinator – Salma Khalid 

    Exhibition Coordinator`Hanan Al Kazemi,      

     Web networks Coordinator – Shyamala Rao

     Beit Al Sadu Liaison – Aiesha Khalid and Patricia Redding

      Photographer – Maddie El Issawi

     Bazaar Coordinator Michelle Banoori 

    Yarn&Fibre  Coordinator- Ranju Gandhi

      Librarian – Hayfa Al Mughni

      Hospitality Coordinator –   Vacant 

The Kuwait Textile Arts Association  was established under the patronage of Sheikha Altaf Salem Al Ali Al Sabah in October 1994. The KTAA  mission it to further an understanding of the textile arts and to encourage its members to express their creativity by participating in the weaving, quilting and fiber arts activities available to them. Membership is open to any person interested in furthering his/her knowledge of the world of textiles.


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