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KTAA Presidents Message

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KTAA Presidents Message

This past year the KTAA has conlcuded with a successful Exhibition and Membership luncheon. The enthusiasm and fellowship is running high. We want to capture all this positive energy and keep up the momentum. Towards that end the KTAA Board met yesterday and the following decisions have been made for 2015/16.

Board Members for 2015-16 Donna Shaya, President; Avril Bailey, Treasurer; Yan Liu, Membership;Jane Wittstock, supporting membership.Salma Khaled, Quilt Coordinator; Wafa’a Ali AlKandari, Supporting Quilt Coordinator; Ranju Gandhi, Fibre Arts Coordinator; Nawal Baker, Supporting Fibre Arts Coordinator,Shyamala Rao, Web and Network Coordinator;Madelina ElIssawi, Photographer;Hayfa Al Mughani; Librarian , Amal Sadek, Supporting Hospitality Coordinator; Hanan AlKazemi, Exhibition Coordinator, Teresa Al Alban, Supporting Exhibition Coordinator; Michele Banoori Bazaar Coordinator; Briana Anabtawi,Supporting Bazaar Coordinator;Patricia Redding and Aiesha Khaled Sadu Liaisons.

Board Positions vacant: Secretary, Hospitality Coordinator We are happy to report that the Exhibition had over 180 Entries. The Exhibition was well attended by the public and schools. Positive responses were received from the public who made entries in our guest sign in book. In addition and most importantly, we received predominantly positive responses from the quilt workshop participants. Pauline Barnes the UK, Quilters Guild, Master Quilter Judge remarked in her comments about the hospitality afforded her by the Exhibition committee members. As a follow up to the Exhibition, the committee met to review the “lessons learned” from the Exhibition process, set up, judging, programs and take down to be incorporated into next years Exhibition. It is anticipated there will be the same if not greater enthusiasm for the KTAA 2016, 17th annual Exhibition. The organization endeavors to continue to improve and grow. Towards that end the Board will be meeting during the summer to review/and or develop Mission/Vision and Values for the KTAA. These will be presented in the Fall to the Membership. If you would like to be a part of this process please contact me at donnashaya@hotmail.com.

The first General Meeting is scheduled for September 15, 6:30Pm at Beit Sadu. Each member will be asked to bring a piece of textile and or a textile process one can share. This may be something you saw over the summer, pulled from your closet or see every day at home. We come from a rich and diverse community and backgrounds. It is this very diversity that makes us such an interesting and unique organization. It is this diversity that can be explored and shared.

The Fibre Arts Group will launch September 2 and the Quilt Group September 9. Each group coordinator will be contacting last year’s members for their respective groups launch. It is at that time that Annual Membership for 2015/16 will begin to be collected. It has been decided that the annual dues will remain at 15KD. We are extremely appreciative and grateful for the continued support of Beit alSadu and the patronage of Sheikha Altof Salem alSabah. In addition, the annual Exhibition support of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Arts and Letters under the leadership of Mr. Ali alYouha. It is with this support that we are able to keep our costs low while providing an atmosphere of comradere at Beit alSadu. We truly are blessed to have this foundation upon which we are able to continue to grow. Have a safe summer where ever that may be and we will reconvene in September. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at donnashaya@hotmail.com. With best regards to all. Donna Shaya, President, KTAA https://q8textilearts.wordpress.com/

Images from the Year end Members Luncheon. 

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  1. Hello , I would like to join the fiber art group. Where can I get more details?

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