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Happy Thanksgiving


To All Our Members
“Happy Thanksgiving” from
 the Kuwait Textile Arts Association 
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Throughout my life, I have celebrated it in a variety of ways in a variety of places – as a child on my grandparent’s farm in southern Indiana where I watched grandpa grab an ax in one hand and the turkey in the other;  at our resort on a Caribbean island with hotel guests surrounded by mango trees and macaws; in a townhall in Chichicastenango, Guatemala full of the sound of tortilla-making and the polyglot of indigenous Maya dialects;  and more recently here in Kuwait with dear Kuwaiti and ex-pat friends. 
It is the Giving Thanks that makes this day different from other holidays for me. Taking the time to reflect and articulate your blessings. Calling your loved ones no matter what the timezone.
If you’ve listened to any of the interviews from the people who have survived the recent natural disasters around the world, you can’t help but feel moved and inspired to hear those who are grateful for what they do have, or where they have nothing left, they are thankful for life itself.  The human spirit was created to give thanks to the Divine by whatever name it is called. 
I’m so thankful that we’ve connected through the KTAA!  Each of you has enriched my life. And for that I am grateful. 
Warmest regards,  
Linda Fouke, President

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