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Al Sadu Weaving Cooperative Society- Beit Al Sadu Kuwait

ImageProxy.mvcAddress from the KTAA president:

The Kuwait Textile Arts Association
Under the auspices of the Al Sadu Weaving Cooperative Society, Beit Al Sadu, Kuwait

In advance of this week’s opening of the exhibition of Kuwaiti artist Bader Al Mansour at Beit Al Sadu, it is good to reflect back on Sheikha Altaf’s address to the KTAA in September. How satisfying it is to see “vision” become a reality “Mabrook” on the start of a great season for Beit Al Sadu

Linda Graves Fouke

President, Kuwait Textile Arts Association

Mobile (965) 9758 4757

Patron’s Address

Kuwait  Textile Art Association

 Under the auspices of the Al Sadu Weaving Cooperative Society, Beit Al Sadu, Kuwait

Cultural season 2013-2014

Ahlan Wa Sahlan ..Welcome back

This season’s Cultural Agenda offers an exciting lineup of art exhibitions and social events; the inception of new programs, as well as the continuity of old ones.

Ever since the start of the Al Sadu project in 1980, then its development into a weaving cooperative Society in 1991, my vision as co-founder, director, and now as Patron was focused on the strong believe in the important role of artistic traditions in enhancing cultural development, creativity and knowledge for the public benefit.

It was this guiding belief that encouraged the inception of the Kuwait Textile Art Association, KTAA, in 1994.  A collaboration that was to bring together a group of textile enthusiasts, of different cultural backgrounds and artistic energies, to work jointly under the auspices of the Al Sadu House, to set up a platform of information and artistic dialogue.

We are very proud to say that the journey that started almost twenty years ago is going stronger!  A lot has been accomplished over the years. The KTAA has now gained international recognition in its quilt category. Many of its members have won various international awards. This excellence and dedication is apparent in the KTAA monthly talks and annual textile exhibition.

 Early this year a new alliance was started with, Khayt (Threads) a group of young Kuwaiti fibre arts enthusiasts, crochet in essence, who expressed the desire to meet and work under the auspices of the Sadu House. We aim again to encourage the growth of this group and assist both to benefit from each other’s creative energies and reservoir of inspiration.

New cosmetic changes for our Story of Weaving Exhibition will be undertaken by an experienced designer, who will deal with renovating the permanent exhibition of textiles, hopefully giving the place a fresh “sense of purpose” and “narrative”.

We are very excited to introduce a renowned young Kuwaiti Architect and designer Bader Al Mansour.  Acknowledged for his creative design of the Yarmouk Park, utilizing reused and recycled material, Bader Al Mansour, will hold in November his first solo Exhibition ‘Bader Art”, showcasing 50 works inspired by Sadu patterns.

We are also very pleased to announce the setting up of Sadu House’s first community Café that will host Kuwaiti chefs and open new training opportunities for the youth with special needs to work and train.    Visitors to Beit AlSadu, Sadu House will not only enjoy a cultural and artistic spell, but also a colorful culinary one!

Further to last year’s successful collaboration with Nuqat , we are delighted  to launch the  work of Anwar Behbehani, the winner of  Beit Al Sadu and Nuqat workshops design competition, to be sold exclusively at our  Al Sadu’s Shop .

To coincide with The International Women Day, March 8, we will start 2014 with a very significant exhibition of textiles produced by Twilling Tweeds and Hunarmand Hoost of the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, and the female embroiderers of Chitral, Pakistan. A very colorful and meaningful event curated by Scottish / Pakistani Textile designer Adil Iqbal.

The integration of Sadu weaving and design in the Arts Curriculum in Public Schools will continue for the third consecutive year; an important educational program and objective that we are very keen to build and strengthen.

The weaving project with recycled yarn that successfully started last year, was published in a pamphlet and is distributed free for members.

Spread the Passion is a Kuwaiti non-profit organization that started in 2010 with the aim of connecting volunteers with volunteering opportunities and serve with other NGO in Kuwait, “make giving part of your living” is their slogan.  This wonderful group worked with us last year at archiving pieces of our permanent collection of textiles. Sadu House is going to be Spread the Passion’s volunteering point center!

Finally ,I would like to share with you what many years back, Indian craft expert and dear friend , Jasleen Dhamija ,said to me ,stressing the role of crafts in enhancing social and cultural development , “Crafts are a bridge of understanding between people…” she said.  Al Sadu Society has started building this bridge many years back.

Together dear members, supporters and friends we can make this bridge of knowledge, creativity and understanding even more solid and Strong.

Altaf Salem A.  Al Sabah

Kuwait, September 2013


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