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2018 KTAA Exhibition Opening Night

2018 KTAA Exhibition opening night

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2018 KTAA Exhibition Winners -Images



2018 KTAA Exhibition Winners -Images


3D Pyramids

Best of Show & Winner  Traditionally pieced.  Winner- Hanan Al Kazemi


Zodiac Signs

 Modern quilt: Winner-Afifa Behbehani



Wearable Art-Winner Laila Al Solaiman


Baby Blanket

Afghan  :Winner- Lynette Dsouza


Center piece of Tulip

Crochet  table cloth or mat :Winner-Lynette Dsouza

imageLaurie Lion

Toys: Winner- Marlyn Kamal


Beyond the Galaxy

Beginner: Winner-Maddi ElIssawi


Blue Garden

Mix Techniques: Winner-Maha Saleh Al Ajeel



Crochet Bag

Bags: Winner-Marlyn Kamal


Dear Hannah

Paper Pieced:-Winner-Yan Liu



Art Quilt: Winner-Nawal Al Hazzani


Autumn Allure

Appliqued: winner- Nadia Al Jarrah


Berber welcome in Taroudant

Embroidery: Winner-Suzanne Mannolini



Art quilt by Nawal Al Hazzani

Judges choice by Lisbet Borgggreen


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Wall Hang

Traditional Bedouin Weaving: Master Winner-Laila Yaser


Wall Hang

Traditional Bedouin Weaving : Student. Winner Hayat Al Bloshy

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2018 KTAA Exhibition Winners


2018 KTAA Exhibition Winners

Traditional Bedouin Weaving
Winner: Laila Yaser – Wall Hang
Second: Mutaira Mosalem – Wober bag
Third: Laila Yaser – Bosat

Winner: Hayat Al Bloshy
Second: Hayat Al Bloshy
Third: Hayat Al Bloshy

Fibre Arts
Wearable Art
Winner: Laila Al Solaiman – Pineaple
Second: Suzanne Mannolini – Harlequin
Third: Laila Al Solaiman – Little House
Highly Commended: Suzanne Mannolini – Pink Cables

Crochet Table Cloth or Mat
Winner: Lynette Dsouza – Center piece of Tulip
Second: Suzanne Mannolini – Spot in the pink
Third: Marlyn Kamal – Doily

Winner: Lynette Dsouza – Baby Blanket
Second: Amal Sadek – Happy Days
Third: Amal Sadek – Pinky
Highly Commended: Afifa Behbehani – Baby Blanket

Winner: Suzanne Mannolini – Berber welcome in taroudant
Second: Marlyn Kamal – Lamp Shade
Third: Amal Sadek – Elegant

Winner: Marlyn Kamal – Laurie Lion

Winner: Marlyn Kamal – Crochet Bag
Second: Suzzan Mannolini-2018 String Bag
Third: Marlyn Kamal – Shoulder Bag

Traditionally Pieced
Winner: Hanan Al Kazemi – 3D Pyramids
Second: Anette Rasmussen – Cowboy Quilt
Third: Lynette Dsouza – Showers of Flowers
Highly Commended: Laila Alsolaiman – Card trick

Art Quilt
winner: Nawal AlHazzani – Why
Second: Nawal AlHazzani – Mykonos
Third: Yan Liu – Woman with a Fan

Winner: Nadia Al Jarrah – Autum Allure
Second: Nawal Al Hazzani – 4 Finger
Third: Liliana Casas – This is Colombia
Highly Commended: Anette Rasmussen – Plates

Paper Pieced
Winner: Yan Liu – Dear Hannah
Second: Hanan Al Kazemi – Prince of Humanity
Third: Anette Rasmussen – Drops

Modern Quilt
Winner: Afifa Behbehani – Zodiac Signs
Second: Laila Al Solaiman- 3D

Mix techniques
Winner: Maha Al Ajeel – Blue Garden
Second: Hanan Al Kazemi – My Shelf
Third: Laila Al Solaiman – Crazy Quilt

Winner: Maddi ElIssawi – Beyond the Galaxy
Second: Yasmin Gallego – Bedroom Decorative
Third: Venesa Varela – Lucia
Highly Commended: Esraa Marafi – Mini Quilt


Judge choice by Lisbet Borggreen: Nawal Al Hazzani – Mykonos


Best in Show: Hanan Al Kazemi – 3D Pyramids

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KTAA 19th Annual Exhibition Workshops

Kuwait Textile Arts Assosiations 19 th Annual Exhibition opens at 7 pm on 15 th April 2018 with grand opening and awards ceremony. Exhibition will be open to public uptill 17 th April 2018 .

The show will be judged by international quilt judge Lisbet Borggreen from Denmark. Lisbet Borggreen will be conducting two workshops for the Kuwait Quilters Group during her stay in Kuwait.

Insert Circles Workshop

16 th April 2018

Japanese Folded Workshop

17 th April 2018



imageExhibition Coordinator

Hanan Al Kazemi

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KTAA 19th Annual Exhibition

KTAA  19 th Annual  Exhibition

15 th April  2018

7 pm

Opening and Awards ceremony

Kuwait Texile Arts Association Cordially invites you to the 19 th annual exhibition .

The show will be judged by international quilt judge Lisbet Borggreen from Denmark.

Lisbet Borggreen will be conducting two workshops for the Kuwait Quilters Group during her stay in Kuwait.

The exhibition will be show casing the recent works of Kuwait quilters , Fibre Arts group,and Sadu Weavers and organized and put together by the Exhibition coordinator Hanan Al Kazemi.

All are welcome to attend.




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KTAA Annual Exhibition



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KTAA Spring Bazaar

KTAA Spring Bazaar

24 March 2018

Sadu House